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Blu: The Network for the other 3.5 Billion People

Reach the world's unconnected with vital information, services & communications

iPad Curated information empowering tablets for medical applications.
SmartphoneFocused local content and services on any smartphone.
Farmer's feature phone Agri-content even on old feature phones.
FM Radio Listen to web content on FM Radio.
Student's feature phone Delivering great educational material FREE.
Laptop computer Faster than 4G for all applications including business.

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We are building networks of connectivity hubs that provide free access to vital content, services and life-changing opportunities in the world’s most unconnected regions. The first is planned for launch in early 2021.


The Blu Network enables commercial providers, NGOs and governments to gain easy access to untapped markets by delivering their services and content through our simple cloud management platform. Together we can deliver critical access to education, healthcare, as well as news, entertainment and domestic and trade supplies.


To learn more, including how to become a launch partner, here for more information.

Making content truly accessible

Our patented platform is built upon the unique BluPoint Hub which uses an ‘everything in the box’ approach to deliver connectivity and local-cloud content in one solution.


The hubs are able to connect with virtually any device via WiFi, Bluetooth and even FM Radio without charge to the user. They are also built for the harshest environments with weather-proof rated cases, are powered from a range of sources, including solar, and operate night and day, thanks to an internal battery.

Our Work

BluPoint hubs have been field deployed and tested in many diverse locations, delivering significant life-changing impact.

5 deployments of BluPoint


Hear about our pilot project with Dixons Carphone:


You can read more about its impact with other organisations:

University of Southampton


Africa Technology Business Network

Dixons Carphone

MRP Foundation

Benefits of the Blu Network

Built on a mission to connect any service, any device and any location the Blu Network has been designed from the ground up to solve the challenges of connectivity in rural locations.


Deliver content to virtually any device and reach a vast population currently without the Internet. With local hubs operating in isolated locations or networked to cover larger areas and communities, our reach is huge.


Produce high-quality multimedia experiences or deploy a library of trusted education and healthcare resources to create a secure “walled garden” of valuable information, which can be remotely updated.


BluPoint is free for people to access, rapidly deployable, scalable and uses the technology that customers, employees, teachers, learners, health-worker, schools or other organisations already own, thereby leveraging existing investment in technology.

The BluPoint Hub

The heart of the network is the BluPoint Hub which delivers smart content updates and communication. Anywhere.

BluPoint Hub features

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Uniquely inclusive

We provide everyone with free-to-access content and services, supported by our commercial partnerships.

  • Low energy. Deploy anywhere.
  • Multimedia Webpages.
  • Any device. Even basic phones.
  • Free at the point of use.
  • Access information faster than 4G.

Trusted content at 4G+ speeds by any device with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or FM radio..

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The application potential for learning is huge and as Canon moves more and more of its content into the digital arena, its vital we take account of those for whom access to the web is either limited, expensive or both. Blu Network resolves this challenge.
David Preston, Strategic Operations Director, Canon Emerging Markets